Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Word of Thanks

by David Morris

Today we’re having our first ever Nursery Meal & Meeting. A constant stream of “firsts” is one of the fun and unique blessings of a new church. I’m grateful, however, that selfless service and care for the children of our church is nothing new for our body. From the start, God has blessed us all with an unusually high number of children and young families. There are 36 names on our nursery sign-in sheets, which are the pre-printed names of all the birth to 4 year olds who come on a regular basis. On any given Sunday, you can find 10-20 infants on one side of our nursery and similar numbers on the toddler side. We’re so used to that now that it hardly seems surprising, but after some recent visits to other churches we’ve been reminded how unusually large our nurseries are, given the membership of our church.

Psalm 127:3 informs us that “children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Contrary to some segments of our modern culture, we celebrate God’s gift of life. Christian people should always view children as a blessing, never a burden. Children come from God, and He has given rewards prolifically in our church. With these blessings come stewardship responsibilities and loving care, however, which translates into needed service within our church family.  

A small army of servants give themselves repeatedly to caring for these precious lives on Sundays, and I am so grateful for them. Unlike a service opportunity that is occasional or seasonal, our nursery needs continual unrelenting from week to week. So too does the service our nursery workers provide. Service is most difficult when it is constant, unnoticed and sacrificial. Nursery workers regularly miss worship services, receive no pats on the back for changing those 8 diapers and give up the ease of simply coasting through a Sunday. But God is not unrighteous to forget labors of love, and I want to join His recognition by saying thank you for all you do. You remind us all of Christ when you act like a servant; you preach humility since you are not greater than your Lord; and you are blessed as you not only know these things but also do them (John 13). Thank you for serving us, our children and ultimately our Lord. You are needed and appreciated. And parents—your children are welcomed and loved. See a nursery worker and you’ll know.


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