Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Thank You" from the Graumans

Some of you have asked for some more information about the ministry of The Expositor’s Institute and Josiah Grauman. Below are some questions and answers for your benefit, as you pray and care for the Graumans. More information can be found at www.grauman.com.

What is The Expositor’s Institute?
The Expositor’s Institute is a training center for Spanish-speaking pastors. The institute offers three programs: 1) A two-year certificate in Bible and Theology for all Christians desiring to learn more about the Bible, 2) a two-year diploma in Pastoral Ministry and Expository Preaching for men who are, or desire to be, pastors and 3) a two-year program in Greek and Hebrew for men who desire to deepen their study of Scripture through a study of the original languages. The Institute is scheduled to begin September 14, 2009.

How can you help support The Expositor’s Institute?
Please pray for Josiah and the students! You may also consider personally supporting the ministry of The Expositor’s Institute. Information regarding the scholarship fund can be found by clicking here.

A thank-you note from the Graumans...
To the brethren at Grace of the Valley:

Grace and peace. We have been overflowing with thankfulness to the Lord for you in these past few days. Your generosity manifested itself both in your kindness and your giving. Praise the Lord! Though I had been wondering and praying about how I was going to both raise support for the institute and prepare for classes, your gift has completely freed me up to study and minister to our incoming students. Thank you. And may God repay you according to the riches of His abundant grace.

Grateful partners in His gospel with you,
Josiah, Crystal, Abigail & Noah


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