Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Uncomfortable yet Comforting Questions

by Adam Bailie

I have been reading Job in my personal worship and this past week I finally arrived at my favorite section of Job, chapters 38-42. Having read chapters 1-37 more thoroughly than normal, this section was increasingly uncomfortable to read yet comforting in its implications. Job made his final challenge toward “the Almighty” in 31:35, followed by the rebuke and defense of God by Elihu in chapters 32-37. In 38:1, Yahweh answered the challenge of 31:35. God’s initial response is made up of a call to attention (38:3), a series of questions (38:4-39) and a rebuke (40:1-2). Each of the questions God asked suffering and complaining Job slams down like a sledgehammer, but each of the answers God implied comforts like the firm grasp of a daddy’s hand.

Suffering Christian, consider these realities and stop challenging God for answers:

  1. Your God laid the foundation of the earth (38:4).
  2. Your God determined the measurements of the universe (38:5-7).
  3. Your God set the limits for the waters of the earth (38:8-11).
  4. Your God commands the dawning of morning every day (38:12).
  5. Your God produces all snow, hail, wind and rain (38:22-30).
  6. Your God produces and preserves the constellations (38:31-33).
  7. Your God commands storms and weather (38:34-38).
  8. Your God feeds the animals of the wild (38:39-41).
  9. Your God watches the goats, donkeys, oxen, ostriches, horses and hawks (39:1-30).
  10. Your God has no worthy opponents (40:1-2).

This is your God, your Father through the adoption granted in Christ. He knows you and your circumstance, and He desires and accomplishes your good for His glory (Rom. 8:28-30).


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